E-Learning Consulting

Do not settle for crappy e-learning when you can get excellent e-learning that delivers great results. Our e-learning consulting services help you effectively use digital technologies to create learning experiences anytime, anywhere, and at any pace. Get help with:


Strategy and Planning

Let’s work with you to plan and develop e-learning strategies that make sure you meet your business goals. Our approach is user-centered and learning design-driven.


E-Learning (Including E-Library) Design and Development

Work with us to design and develop effective e-learning that ensures learning takes place as intended. And delivers great returns on your investment.


Supplier Selection and Monitoring

Let’s work with you to help you make the best of your relationships with your e-learning suppliers. Get the best value for your money.

Suppliers refer to those that provide tactical tools and technologies needed to implement strategies.


E-Learning Project Management

Let’s work with you to manage your e-learning projects and meet your business goals.


Evaluation & Optimization

Let’s work with you to critique your designs, and analyze and score your e-learning. Get recommendations that you can easily implement to make your e-learning produce the results you want.


Knowledge Management

Working together, let’s make the necessary changes in your organization to ensure that it delivers more and does it with fewer resources.

Let’s help you make sure that techniques and tools are in place to spread knowledge within your organization.

Leaning Design Consulting?

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