ICT and Engineering Services

We provide the following ICT and engineering services to help you get remarkable results from ICT, engineering, and their intersections.

ICT Consulting

Let us help you with ICT:

Application planning

Systems design and development

Systems implementation

Audit, evaluation, and optimization

Project management

Supplier selection and monitoring

Civil/Structural Engineering

Our civil/structural engineering specialties include:

Residential, commercial, institutional, and recreational buildings

Water and sewerage treatment plants

Dams and retaining structures

Rail, roads, and bridges

Project management

Electrical Engineering/Solar

Let’s help you with solar/electrical engineering procurement, installation, and maintenance. Our power and solar solutions include:

Engineering designs



Project management

Quality inspection

Performance audits


Supply, installation, and commissioning of generators

Environmental Consulting

Our environmental audit and studies services help you meet environmental standards and regulations.

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