ICT Consulting

Explore our ICT consulting services. Let’s help you make the best use of ICT in supporting business processes and improving business results. Get help with….


Planning and a Plan of Action for ICT Application (Including E-Business and E-Government)

Let’s work with you to develop a robust plan of action for ICT applications in your organization. Our approach is results-driven.

We will work with you to develop an e-business strategy that carefully considers how to exploit the opportunities best and counter the threats introduced by new electronic channels.


ICT Systems Implementation

Let’s work with you to help your organization fully embrace ICT. Successful e-business strategies depend on the strength and flexibility of the underlying infrastructure, to support the e-business as a whole, not just part of it.

We can help you design and develop network infrastructures and tackle the required organizational change.


Systems Audit, Evaluation, and Optimization

Work with us to assess and make the most effective use of ICT for your organization.

Let’s help you audit, evaluate, and optimize your ICT systems for the best results.


ICT Systems Design and Development

We work with you to design and develop an effective ICT system that will meet the needs of its intended users and the needs of your organization.

Our ICT system design and development approach is user-centered. We check evolving designs against user requirements.


Project Management

Let’s help you:

  • Manage your e-business projects
  • Develop an integrated toolbox for your e-business projects
  • Develop a streamlined e-business project delivery process for your organization
  • Measure your project health using specified metrics



Supplier Selection and Monitoring

Let’s work with you to help you make the best of your relationships with your suppliers. Get the best value for your money.

We are independent and will help you find the e-business vendors that fit your organization’s needs.

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